Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Molds Available

Hi everyone, I've been busy still. Many new molds have been listed in my shop! I'm quite excited with some of them.

I really like this salad bowl mold. The bowl is deep enough, and it's about 2.7cm wide. Perfect for 1/12 scale size. I see it more than a bowl actually. If I add some pedestal legs to the bottom of it, I can turn it into a fruit bowl display, flower bowl display etc. All it takes is a bit of imagination! 

Well, the bottle can be more than just a milk bottle. It can be a fruit juice bottle, soda drink bottle, and of course I see it as a flower vase perfect for my flowers! What I also like about this mold is that EVERYTHING is in there. The 2 different lids, and straw. Everything is intact in a mold. What more can you ask for?

Love this mold! The cups can be made into ice coffee drinks, fruit juices, you name it! The lids and straw is in a different mold here.

A continuation from the original Essential Shapes mold. More new shapes are added into this mold. 


I'm working on a interview piece with Sadie of Homewardflight miniatures. I work on answering the questions a little bit at a time. Once I get that out, I can start looking for the high resolution pictures. I'm so thankful and grateful for the opportunity! 

Still working on the custom order. I know it seems like I'm taking forever...but caregiving is typically exhausting, so I work on it whenever I have energy. I'm so grateful I have the most patient customer!

Other than that, I'm still very busy looking after my mom. One of my priorities is to get a standing aid for her (unfortunately those solid ones are very expensive). But I've seen some walking cane with 2 handbars that serves to aid the person in standing up, so I will source for one of that. My mom has trouble standing on her own now, due to the side effects of the hormone pill she takes. Hopefully with the cane, she can stand on her own and move around better. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature "Love" Naked Cake

I made this dollhouse miniature "Love" naked cake, just in time for Valentine's day. Sooo so glad. I have never been in time for Valentine's Day. 

I remembered just as I finished this cake, I had other ideas for the Love word. So maybe another cake in the near future! 

I'm still here, busy looking after my mother. But I'm slowly finding my pace with everything. My mom is currently on hormone therapy, which means she takes a pill at the same time daily. She also has chemo treatment once every three weeks. She just started this regime a few weeks ago, and so far my mom is coping well.

Next week would be Chinese Lunar New Year, but we won't be doing anything special. Just staying home and everyone can rest, including myself. :D

I'm also working on a custom order for a sweet friend. I'm so glad she understands my situation and told me to work on it whenever I have inspiration or energy to craft, since I'm pretty much occupied with caregiving duties. I'm very grateful. 

Much more changes will be coming up this year...This is the year of change for me. But when things are confirmed, I can share more details. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New molds!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2018.

I'm pleased to announce the new molds that has arrived in my shop.

All of these are duo side molds, but I personally like to make one side at a time. Especially for cream puffs, as you would need to include a cream in between the puffs.

Also, all of these molds can make 1/12 scale miniatures :)

Just made these belgian waffles the other day...

Wishing all a fabulous week!